Tharsis is a series of bowl-shaped items, dealing with changes in the origination of objects.


Starting from an asymmetrical round form, the direction of the first curving operation is influencing all subsequent steps and its final appearance.
The following folding procedure determines the center of gravity – is it balancing on one point, or standing solidly on three? Is it likely to tip over in a certain direction?
A handheld gas torch and gravity are affecting how the molten bronze is flowing on the steel.
Cracks appear where the material is pushed over its limits.

Tharsis I

‚Tharsis‘ is named after the volcanic region on Mars, which is responsible for many changes in the development of the red planet as we know it today.
The volcanism not only shaped shorelines and created canyons, but it also spewed out gases into the atmosphere which led to a global warming. This probably enabled liquid water to exist, which in turn is essential for the emergence of extraterrestrial life.
Beyond that, the massive growth of Tharsis volcanos presumably shifted the Martian spin axis, followed by the loss of its global magnetic field and its atmosphere.

Tharsis II, I and IV

Have a look at the separate pieces in order with dimensions in the portfolio entry.

Continuous pieces of this series are available – please contact me if you’re interested.

The approximate size can be requested, the asymmetric bending processes and the molten on bronze are making every piece individual and one of a kind. All pieces of the Tharsis series are marked with “T” and the according Roman number on the underside.

Tharsis II