Through its materials and manufacturing process, “Turquoise set N°1”, correlates very much with classic enamel kitchenware. By renouncing a clear function and a flat steady basis, these vessels become exceptional. While the spouts on some of them want to make us believe that they are some kind of product with a purpose, the coincidental clouds and swirls of turquoise enamel reveal them as unique handcrafted objects.

In industrial processes always trimmed off, the waved rim is an essential part of these pieces. The deeper the sheet metal gets drawn into the specially made tools, the more warps the top edge.

The vitreous enamel coating gets fused to the steel body via several firing sequences over 800°C. At this high temperatures, the exposed steel surface on the outside oxidizes to a flaky scale pattern, while the special enamels on the inside melt to a glossy coat of glass.

These repeated sequences, carried out by one pair of hands, connects all seven individual pieces to one closed body.

June 2019 | steel | vitreous enamel | Ø 90 mm, Ø 150 mm